About Us

Van-Packer’s Mission Statement

We will make our motto “Product–Technology–Service” an every day reality.

We will provide a diverse line of quality products at competitive prices. We will constantly strive to improve product design and increase efficiency. We will continue to develop new products to meet a changing market.

We will continue to educate ourselves in the technology of chimney design. We will become experts in the structural, thermal, corrosive and mechanical design of chimney systems and will become students of codes and standards affecting our products.

We will provide prompt and cheerful response to our customers inquiries and recognize that as we serve our customers, we serve ourselves.

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Van-Packer’s Story

Van-Packer Was Established
Combined Efforts With Underwriters Laboratories (UL) To Develop The “All Fuel” Test Procedure
The Flintkote Company Purchases Van-Packer Company
The Model HT Chimney
The MacArthur Company Purchases Van-Packer Company
J.F. Schulz Became President of Van-Packer Company
Van-Packer Becomes A Family Owned Company
The Model DW Chimney Is Launched
J.F. Schulz Retires From Van-Packer Company
Van-Packer Begins Full Production Of The Model DW
The DW Product Is Approved By UL And Listed As Grease Duct
Van-Packer Begins Development Of Special Gas Vents
The Model CS Special Gas Vent Is Approved By UL And Listed
The Model GZ Zero Clearance Grease Duct Goes To ETL For Testing & Gets Approved
The MW & CSplus Products Is Approved By UL & Listed
The CS, CSplus, And MW Goes To Testing Again
GRZ Product Line Is Tested To UL 1978, & UL 2221 As Grease Duct
Van-Packer Tools Up To Go Into Full GRZ Grease Duct Production
The SW Product Is Pending Its Listing
The SW Product Is Pending Its Listing
GRM series rectangular duct with reduced clearances has been approved at UL under test standards UL 1978 & ULCS662. The GRM series offers a more economical rectangular duct when zero clearance is not required.
Van-Packer takes its rectangular grease duct back to testing again for reduced slope. We can now offer our ETL tested 2221 and our UL 1978 listed duct with reduced slope that far exceeds NFPA 96 standard for slope. This is one of the many reasons why our grease duct is the industry leader.
Van-Packer’s GRZ product line is no longer patent pending, we officially received our paperwork with patent number D 908,201. GRZ is the first rectangular duct tested to UL 2221 with a patent.

As you can see from this extensive history, Van-Packer has been a leader in the industry since 1944. We strive to stay ahead of the industry’s needs, to remain relevant to our customers, engineers, and contractors. You have our ear! We listen to your needs, and put you first.