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History of Van-Packer

Since 1944, Van-Packer has been a leader in the chimney field. Over the years Van-Packer has steadily increased its product line to include chimneys to handle applications in all aspects of the commercial and industrial fields. The Van-Packer product lines are UL/ETL listed designed to handle any specific operating conditions.

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  • Other vent manufacturers started out making B-Vent and other commodity products. Their idea of production was to feed metal in at one end of a line and have finished product spit out the other end. These manufacturers see non-standard items as a roadblock which, they find very hard to overcome.

    Van-Packer on the other hand, started making products that were virtually all custom built to fit the job. They don’t see non-standard as non-standard … it’s merely another part that the customer needs. As a result, when I ask for something that’s not in the catalog, the response is “No Problem”! This makes it easy to do the ‘as needed’ type of business that we are known for. The staff at Van Packer has become like family. We have worked together so long that we know each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It’s nice to call up and be asked how I am and know that the person asking really means it.

    Jody Stasick
    President of Stasick Power Equipment & Chimneys Inc.
  • I have been associated with Van-Packer since 1967. This longevity makes a statement about the company and the people at Van-Packer. Over the years, I have found the company to be responsive to my needs as a rep. This is a company I can count on to stand behind their products and I have total confidence in their desire and ability to support me in my sales and service efforts on their behalf.

    David Balnes
    CEO of Balnes Corporation
  • Our company was impressed and satisfied with our first experience installing Van-Packer’s round zero clearance grease duct at Creative Village. Our company appreciates the service, quality, and safety that goes into manufacturing your product.

    John Lacerene
    Coastal Mechanical
  • Joe
    Foreman, Southern Air